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{ moving! } 08.05.11

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No, I’m not lost or hiding, I’ve just been super busy! Plus, I’ve been working on a new website, from scratch! I didn’t go to college for any type of web design, etc – so I’ve been teaching myself how to do all the correct codes, get layouts, etc.

The new site should be done soon!!! I’ll post the new website address on here soon, so all my followers can follow me over there! It will be great & it will work SO well with images & everything else that I’ve been wanting, just couldn’t do on here.

Hope to see you all there & look for the new website soon!


{ kentucky derby part 2 } 05.11.11

Now that I think that I have recovered from this past Saturday’s Derby Party, I’ll share some photos!!  Just yesterday did I get all of the dishes used washed & put away, and start to clean the house {again}.  It never fails… you make your home sparkling clean before your guests arrive, and then right after they leave you have to start making your home sparkling clean again!  We had fun anyways!

The festivities started at 2:00pm with cocktails & appetizers.  We provided all of the appetizers, dinner, non-alcoholic drinks, and cocktails to everyone, but if they wanted beer instead, they had to bring that themselves.

It was so halious though when the guys were placing their bets.  They did it online with my husband placing the wagers online for them.  He looked like a bookie & needed a bookie hat! 🙂  I knew whenever a horse race was about to start, because all of a sudden the guys was come in from outside, crowd around our kitchen table, & it would get really loud!  Then they would all hover around the TV to watch to see if they won any money. Here’s a quick photo a took of everyone – you can’t see everyone because they are either sitting down on the furniture or floor.

We had probably about 20 adults, with 11 kiddos, so our house was one busy place.  I was able to get photos of food items while I was making/baking them.  However, whenever I displayed everything, I didn’t get any photos, because honest – I forgot!  My head was too busy with getting dinner finished & getting everything ready.  But it was all yummy!!!!
Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to make my rose garland that I wanted to.  I have this rose paper design that I wanted to put together & thing string different ones together. This party was more focused on the food & drinks, more than the decor. However, I was able to get my horse cupcake toppers made for the kid’s cupcakes – the kids loved them! 🙂  Here’s a picture of what cupcakes I had left after Saturday {sorry for the poor photo quality}:

Our menu consisted of….

{Some of the photos look different b/c I was trying out a different setting on my camera.}

**Mini Hot Browns {which I didn’t get a photo in time b/c they went SO fast, but this is what they are suppose to look like}

**Benedictine {which I got photos of when I was making it, but not how I had it displayed}

 – shredded cucumbers & onion
– with cream cheese

**Bourbon Punch – yum {mix of OJ, limeade, bourbon, sugar, water}
**Oaks Lily – my fave {mix of cranberry juice, vodka, sweet & sour mix}
**Bloody Mary’s

* We did Mint Julep {the official KY Derby drink} last year, but no one really drank it, so it was a waste.  I passed on making it this year.

Main Course:
**Bourbon Marinated  Pork Tenderloin served with Henry Bain Sauce {yummy sauce}

  – photos of the meat marinating {has to for at least 12 hrs}

**Garlic Cheese Grits {yum yum to my tum}

 – just before going into the oven to bake with more cheese on top!

**Corn on the Cob

**Cupcakes {for the kiddos}

**Bourbon Balls 

– powdered sugar, butter, & bourbon, dipped in chocolate – that’s it! – no cooking required

– adult only dessert!
** Kentucky Derby Pie {homemade – 1st time I made it & I L-O-V-E it!} – Does include bourbon, but it’s cooked out of it while baking for 55 mins

 – chopped pecans & chocolate chips

 – tons of sugar, butter, & a little bourbon simmering together

 – so moist & delicious {I hate pecan pie, but love this}
And the must-have at any Derby party – Kentucky Bourbon!

If anyone would like to try any of these dishes or drinks, I would be more than happy to forward you my recipes – just let me know! 🙂 Tomorrow, I’ll show pictures of my Derby hat this year and I’ll even include photos of last year’s hat.


{Kentucky Derby} 05.03.11

Oh it’s that time of year again & I’m so excited!  The Kentucky Derby will be this Saturday, May 7th, 2011, and we are hosting another Derby Party again this year!!  I’ll make sure to post pictures of the decorations & food, plus pictures of the party in action!

To help me get in the mood, I created a Derby themed treasury on Etsy last night, showcasing some of the items I found on Etsy.com:

Off to do more crafting & then yard work!


{ blog feature } 04.27.11

Wanted to share really quickly another blogger , Leah from NextStop – Baby, who featured some of my owl cupcake toppers in her blog this morning. I’ve created a promo just for her blog that ends May 22nd!  Go check it out, it’s a great article about using owls in baby showers. There are some VERY cute items!



{ the disaster zone } 04.25.11

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So I took these pictures, as promised, right when I started painting. So everything was really messed up in my office, as nothing could be against the walls.

However, I had to disconnect the internet and WiFi, so of course I couldn’t upload the pics. Late Saturday night was when we finally got the desk, computers, and internet back together again.

So here it is… the disaster zone. Where I cant find anything and I’m about to go crazy. I have work that needs to be started on, but cant until I get this mess taken care of.

As of today, I’ve got a tall book shelf and another cubby type storage thing put together. So I’m slowly but surely getting this room together at last. I wanted to paint a pale yellow accent wall in here, but I’m too tired of painting. Oh well.

Back to work while the little one is napping. Oh and she just started Saturday climbing out of her crib. She’s not 2 yrs old yet! I’m going to pull out my hair.

Hope everyone had a fun Easter!


{ quick update } 04.22.11

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Sorry for any misspelled words, as in typing this quickly from my phone….

So I promise I’m not lost and buried under all of our stuff from our move. Oh my…I didn’t realize we had so much stuff! And that’s what it is, just plain ol’ stuff!

Having a child and then having your entire guest room items in storage for almost 2 years… it’s like Christmas for me! 🙂

The main level of the house is ready except for hanging pictures. The upstairs…another story. 3 of the 4 rooms have to be painted. So my office, hallway, and our little one’s room will be painted by tomorrow night. We at least still have time to paint our room, as our new furniture won’t be here lilk beginning of May.

I will take a pic later today of my office. I’m a clean freak and have to be organized. This room is SOOOOO not that right now. I needed to start working on a custom order due out Saturday, and it took me an hour just to find the color of paper I needed. I was about to freak out because that would have meant a 20 mile trip to JoAnns today. But I found it!

One downfall of where we live now, is I had a JoAnns and Michaels less then 10 mins away at our old place. Now, JoAnns is about 20 mins away, but a Michaels is less than 5 mins! I went there today, to see if I can find similar shades of different cardstock at Michaels, so I don’t have to go all the way to JoAnns just for a particular color. I know, I’m spoiled!

So ill post a picture of the disaster room later today, before I start painting it. Fun!

Oh and to some more serious news….

BRIDES magazine just contacted me and they ARE featuring my petals boxes in their colors article on their July issue. I’ll buy about 5 magazines!

A happy day to you! It’s very windy here and looks like Easter Sunday is going to be cool and chance of rain. Hope your Easter Sunday is bright and warm!



{ new item } 04.15.11

Oh how I love the type now, post later feature!  I totally forgot about it, but I think it’s going to be my life saver for blogging.  DUH – how could I have forgot about it – who knows!  Anyways… so I’m typing this at about 9pm my time – little one is in bed & I’m taking a moment to myself to edit pictures & post a new listing.  Then it’s off to finish some name banners & pack some more.  {One more day until we move – exciting, but I’m so ready for it to be over!}
To the main subject – just sent these cuties off yesterday which was included in a custom Owlee the Owl party decor order. Once again, getting to make new items due to a custom order!
Owlee the Owl birthday banner –

Another “Hoo’s having a birthday” party sign, just in different colors –